Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Woolly Race

This was my first time doing the Woolly race in St. Croix Falls. In previous years I've chosen to do the Almanzo Royal gravel race down in Spring Valley MN. So Tim and I went out Saturday for a pre-ride to check out the trails. We did 3 laps on the super tacky fast and fun single track. The course seemed rather flat or it didn't seem like you were climbing a whole lot. Turns out you do get 600ft of climbing per lap which adds up in 4 lap race.
Hollywood Lead out train

As the race started we had a long lead out around a field to get things sorted out before the single track. Jeff took the front as we rode the first section of single track, after he made a wrong turn for a moment I ended up on the front for the next lap or so. It was pretty much a 3-man race until the rock garden in the 3rd lap. There was lots of lap traffic and people stacking up, Jack was in front and ran around riders on the rock garden. I ran past Jeff and chased for about 5 minutes, but every time I passed a lapper, Jack had passed one or two more in front of me. I had to let off the gas and rode the last lap solo to a 2nd place finish. It ended up being a pretty long race at almost 2hrs and I was feeling it in the end, but its still early season so the races are going to hurt a little more. My Foundry Broadaxe worked perfectly being super quick in the twisty single track. I'm also loving my Racing Ralph tires so far they have way better grip then the Ron's I ran last season. I'm looking forward to another buck hill this week and Mt Kato next weekend.

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