Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Decorah Time

This was my first time heading down to Decorah Iowa for the 24th annual mountain bike time trial. The course was marked the day before, so Brendan and I went out for a lap to check it out Saturday morning. The trails were amazing, more technical, steeper climbs and descents then anything we have around the twin cities area. The course was just over 9 miles and had 1500ft of climbing! I took the 5th start position was able to catch 4 of the 5 in front of me in the first 2 miles only leaving Devin in front of me by a minute or more. Around the halfway point there was a rocky descent which I managed to nail my rear tire on pretty good and within 30 seconds my tire was almost flat, race over. I rode a little ways back down the trail where a few people were hanging out and borrowed a pump. After 10-15 minutes of trying to get air into my tire and having a cold beer with the group, I just rode out the rest of the trail to finish 15 minutes off the eventual winner Jeff Hall who won by almost 2 minutes!

This was my first race on my new Foundry Broadaxe, and I have no complaints, this thing absolutely rips the singletrack. We also saw a pretty cool ice cave and some mini horses right by the trail.  Can't wait to come back to Decorah next year. Next weekend is my first WORS race in Iola, should be fun!

entrance to ice cave

Brendan trying to get a picture with the mini horse

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