Tuesday, December 10, 2013

MNCX Champs

Hard to believe the warmest race of the day on saturday had an official starting temp of zero degrees. So with zero degrees and some hardened snow and ice to race on, we had our MN State cyclocross championship weekend set. I don't remember much of my race on satruday except falling off of the leaders after two laps and then by lap three Chris Smith catching up to me. He was riding strong and we would stay together the rest of the race. On the last lap on the straight before the sand pit, I managed to get around Chris for the last spot on the podium. I would like to say there was a great showing of fans/hecklers considering the conditions.

On Sunday we had a few inches of fresh snow and it was about 10 deg warmer, which felt great. I was in the 23-34 age group race. For the first few laps it was Josh Bauer, Fred Mills and myself riding together, and taking turns at the front. Thanks to the race volunteers we had a freshly raked sand pit before the race, which left no easy line. On maybe the 4th lap I think Josh didn't clear the sand and I was able to get a 10 second gap. I just kept the pace steady as I knew we still  had 7 laps to go. On the second to last lap some Canadian guy was making a push to catch on, I had to give it all I had for the last lap to hold him and Josh Bauer off for the win. Another good day of hecklers on the stairs with Dan Strese on the loud speaker telling me I still had 50 laps to go.. every lap.

The weekend turned out to be a great way to end my CX season, and surprisingly with all the snow and ice I didn't even crash. Now its time for an off season filled with fat bikes, friends, the river bottoms, canadian beer, and hot dogs cooked over a bonfire.

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